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Prenuptial Agreements

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Virginia and the district of Columbia

A Prenuptial Agreement is the means by which two people may resolve many of the issues that could arise in the event of a divorce, prior to their marriage. There are limitations to the issues a Prenuptial Agreement may resolve and strict rules about the steps and circumstances leading up to the execution of a Prenuptial Agreement that must be followed for it to be ultimately enforceable by a Court.

Prenuptial Agreements occur more frequently when either or both of the parties have significant assets accumulated at the time they are ready to get married. They are often advisable for those bringing assets into a second marriage or as part of an estate plan to remember children from a prior marriage. Prenuptial Agreements can also be advisable when a person has, or is likely to receive “legacy” assets, such as a property that has been in the family for generations.

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